Artists’ comments


“Best grand piano and engineers in town. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make music and record in your studio. I have done some of my best and most honest takes at Epidemin. So glad I know you!”
(Photo: Peter Holgersson)


“A fantastic place to work at!”


“Recording at Studio Epidemin is a most rewarding experience. A warm and creative atmosphere strikes you the moment you enter the studio. Johannes, Henrik and Petter share, all of them also being great musicians, the true understanding of music. Add their technical knowledge, the top quality equipment, a great grand piano and their natural eagerness always trying to make your production as satisfying as ever possible. Simply a really great place for recording music.”
(Photo: Kristin Lidell)


“I gladly recommend Studio Epidemin where you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and a professional and attentive treatment. A world class studio.”
(Photo: Miki Anagrius)


“Good sound and good atmosphere! Fantastic musicians and very nice setting. My tune ‘Song om fred’ (Peace Song) is a live take from Epidemin. It’s amazing when you manage to catch the music in the very moment – at Studio Epidemin we could do that.”


“Recording at Epidemin is like getting into a warm purification bath for a musician. The fine combination of great hearts and sharp ears brings out the best of every musician in an environment that inspires a good mood and complete confidence. The knowledge and sensitivity we have met at Studio Epidemin has meant very much to our quartet.”


“I have often recorded at Epidemin and am always struck by the relaxed beauty and care that permeates the place. Friendly, beautiful and efficient. It’s easy to be a human being and a musician in this studio. I love being surrounded by art, the proximity to good food, not to mention your great coffee …”


“I play. On an excellent Fazioli piano. Therefore I am. In a room at Epidemin in Gothenburg with fantastic headphone listening. I listen to what I played. Through optimum speakers. Therefore I hear. I react to what I hear. Therefore I reflect and play again. At Studio Epidemin.”