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Epidemin is located in the centre of Gothenburg on a quiet hill in the area of Konstepidemin (Epidemic of Art), an arts centre that used to be a hospital but now is the workplace for over a hundred artists, writers and musicians. The studio is on the top floor of an old wooden house with a fine view over the city. When building the studio, we focused on preserving the charm of the house, keeping as much as possible of the original details without compromising with the acoustics. The result is a bright and beautiful studio with a relaxed atmosphere that inspires you to perform at your very best.

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Here’s the mixing console and all other recording gear, but it can also be used for recording a singer, a double bass or a guitar player. It’s also the place to sit down, relax and enjoy a cup of fair-trade espresso.

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Through the door to the left from the Large Control Room is where we host our secondary mixing/mastering system. We also record guitar, bass or wind instruments here.

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The Main Room has great live acoustics and is excellent for all kinds of acoustic instruments like piano, drums, a string quartet or even a big band (by then it’s nicely crowded!).
What really gives the Main Room a unique touch is the panorama window providing light as well as a spectacular view.

guitar room
guitar room 2


Our smallest recording room, where we can record a single singer or instrumentalist. You have excellent visual contact with your friends in the Main Room and in the Iso-Booth. This is also the place where you can check out our collection of guitars and amplifiers.

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The Iso-Booth has minimal acoustics, making it ideal for recordings where you want a dry and tight sound. Vocals, drums, percussion and wind instruments are often recorded here.